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Thread: Why we won't implement your suggestion

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    Default Why we won't implement your suggestion

    Catchy thread title eh? This is more to inform you why we MAY not implement your suggestion(s).

    First, let's be clear that your suggestions are VERY welcome and often suggestions help us improve the forums. There are a lot of very good suggestions that don't get implemented however, and this is an attempt at an explanation as to why.

    We've chosen to implement vBulletin (http) and Typhoon (NNTP) software for these forums. Most of the suggestions received are for the web interface so would impact vBulletin. You also need to know that the servers reside in the Novell Data Center which has many benefits such as fail over, disaster recovery, monitoring etc. but it severely limits who has access to test and implement changes.

    vBulletin issues sofware updates regularly....once every one or two months. When these updates are installed, it will look at the template files (the "style" or look and feel) and if they haven't been customized, it will update them. If they have been customized, it won't update them but tell us to do them manually. One "style" is made of many template files. To update the old "openSUSE Default" style (customized) took 4-8 man hours for a relatively minor update and 36-48 hours for a major update. When we updated to vBulletin version 4, we did as little customizing of the default template for this reason. Human resource to do these updates is very limited so we want to have as little customization as we can get away with. Human resource to build and implement additional functionality into the system is almost non-existant and would cause even more work come update time.

    The bottom line is if we get suggestions that are easy to implement with little to no customization we're more likely to do them than suggestions that require some developement and/or require additional modifications to our templates......even if they are really, really, really, really good suggestions. Don't take it personally if we don't implement your suggestion.

    In regards to our authenticaion system, session timeouts, etc., we use what is standard for the openSUSE project. The system is the same one used on the wiki and other login areas. It makes for a unified authentication experience across the sites.

    Anyway....there you have it. I hope it doesn't discourage you from making those good suggestions because sometimes we can find a good hack addition to vBulletin that we can install or otherwise find some way to do it without headaches.
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