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    would it be okay to seek assistance in these fora to develop
    supplemental words to be added to the info given at to set up a Squid proxy on an openSUSE box?

    i'm wondering if even that little bit of technical assistance might be
    considered too 'political' for TPTB and it is therefore that while the
    organization's documentation gives specific details
    <> for users of Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora,
    Centos, Gentoo, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Mac OS X....there is
    nary a peep on openSUSE, SLES, nor SLED..

    which i take as not a good thing...

    i think would be nice if a knowledgeable person would, as an
    individual not representing any community or corporation, help them by
    contributing the words necessary to allow neophyte Squid runners to do
    so on all flavors of SUSE, do you?

    just a question, not a suggestion.


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    Default Re: would it be okay to . . .

    There's hardly anything in editing squid.conf that's SUSE specific, the info for the other distros could be used pretty much unchanged. As for configuring squid with YaST, I haven't used that, but then if you are using a tool to configure squid, presumably it should hand-hold you.

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