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Thread: how to mount network drive on openSUSE ?

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    Default how to mount network drive on openSUSE ?

    I just set up two PC's running OpenSUSE version 11. On both systems, I created a directory named /test_mnt . Sitting at PC #2, I want to mount the /test_mnt directory from PC #1 onto the /test_mnt of PC #2.

    I know in Solaris, I would first need to share the directory name. Then, run the mount command.

    How is this done on openSUSE 11?
    What's the exact syntax, and what filename do I need, in order to do this on openSUSE. Thanks.

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    Default Re: how to mount network drive on openSUSE ?

    You need nfs or samba server for share /test_mnt.
    Please refer to the following link.

    Bryan technical world: How to build up a samba server for linux and windows client on opensuse
    Bryan Yu

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    Default Re: how to mount network drive on openSUSE ?

    Don't get confused. That tutorial is for getting Samba going. You won't find how to mount/map a shared rive there.

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    Default Re: how to mount network drive on openSUSE ?

    If it's just two linux PC's you're probably better off using NFS.
    Although you ask for commands, I'll tell you how I did it with the GUI and maybe you can reverse engineer it to commandline... or maybe you got some kind of GUI installed

    First off on the PC of which you'd like to share a directory off install the yast2-nfs-server package, it's in the OSS repsository. After this is installed in the YaST control center you'll find a new option under Network Services called NFS Server. Start it up and you'll be presented with a new window, fill in the fields as you see fit hit the next button and in the next screen it allows you to pick which folders you'd like to share.

    I suspect the options field and the default values it's filled in with are similar to what you know from Solaris, if they aren't here is an overview of what they do.

    Now for the PC on which you want to mount the share go to the YaST Control Center as well and go to network services as well and start up NFS Client (installed by default). Hit the add button and in the new window in the NFS Server Hostname field enter the ip address of the server. (perform ifconfig on the server as root to get the ip if you don't know it). The rest you'll figure out on your own.

    I guess this would still all work command line as well, hope it helps at least. And don't forget that the user self needs to have access on the server as well (I solved this myself by giving read/write rights to anyone on the directory itself.. since I needed that anyways as I have the same directory shared under Samba for the windows PC's around here.. but since you're familiar with Solaris you probably know what to do and I'm just giving useless info)
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    Default Re: how to mount network drive on openSUSE ?

    Some people had some problems using NFS (threads are there). We mostly managed to solve them by using the kernel based NFS server and not the user space based one. As I am still on openSUSE 10.3 there may be small differences.

    First the server:
    Uninstall nfs-server, if it is installed, using YaST > Software > Software Management.
    Install the following packages if they are not allready installed: nfs-kernel-server and yast2-nfs-server (install yast2-nfs-client also, it makes YaST know about the whole of NFS) using YaST > Software > Software Management.
    Use YaST > System > System Services (Runlevel) to Enable nfsserver.
    You are now ready to specify what you want to export/share. SunOS (Solaris to many people) indeed has a share program that interfaces to the configuration. Linux has not, but openSUSE has YaST.
    YaST > Network Services > NFS Server. Here it is also possible to switch the service on/off. It must be in the status Start. After clicking Next you can enter the directory you want to export and the sytem(s) that you will allow as clients fort this directory (security). Also options (like rw) can be entered here. Finish and ready.
    Look in /etc/exports for the results. Of course it is not needed to use YaST. You can edit /etc/exports directly (and see man exports for the documentation.
    An example:
    exports the directory /home/wij read/write to the system
    You may also be interested in reading man exportfs.

    Then the client.
    The products nfs-client and yast2-nfs-client must be installed (the YaST modules are only needed when you work through YaST).
    Use YaST > Network Services > NFS Client to make the mount instructions (YaST will edit /etc/fstab and do the mount) or edit /etc/fstab yourself and call mount. Or even do a mount with all the parameters needed. An entry in /etc/fstab could look like
    Code:  /home/wij       nfs     defaults 0 0
    to mount the directory exported above.

    Hope this helps.
    Henk van Velden

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