I have followed this Setup nVideo Video/Display with native nvidia rendering for Compiz | SUSE & openSUSE and this Compiz Fusion - openSUSE and everything tells me compiz should work, but none of the effects are. When I uncheck (or check, can't remember) the enable box in the Simple CCSM, the screen flickers once quickly, just like it does in 10.3 when compiz enables or disables. But nothing works.

Composite is enabled, AddARGBGLXVisuals is set to true, I have nvidia as the provider in xorg.conf, I have depth of 24, I have glx, I have all the normal real information of my nvidia in the nvidia xserver driver (nice job they did there), if I enable compiz manually it returns a successful result, but none of the effects are working.

I must say I use my old config file, Profile file, from an older version of compiz in 10.3. Maybe this affects compiz on 11.1?

I tried in KDE3.5.10.

Anyone got compiz working normally wiht nvidia?