I have a PCMCIA card installed in one of my PCI slots. I've run lspci and it is showing up as a Ricoh CardBus Bridge. I'm plugging into it a D-Link DWL-G630 rev B1. When I plug it into the PCMCIA slot nothing happens. I'm tailing /var/log/messages and see no activity when I plug the card in.

I've looked here and it would appear that rev B1 doesn't work as it uses a TI chipset. However, it also points to the ACX100/ACX111 driver project. I'm guessing that if I install the driver I will see some activity but that, of course, isn't guaranteed.

According to the ACX100 wiki there is an opensuse package which I have installed. However, it only places the driver under the kernel modules directory. While I could easily revert to using this kernel, it would make more sense to use the latest. If experience serves me correctly, simply creating a link under the current kernel modules directory to this one won't work as it was likely compiled against the older kernel. There doesn't seem to be an updated module either.

Has anyone used this driver who can provide some insight on it's usability, performance and installation?