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    Has anyone managed to get a driver of any description to make these cards work or perhaps suggest similar/generic drivers I can try?


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    Yes I did.

    I'm on 32Bit SUSE though.

    "The driver is compatible with ALSA. Bad news: its available only for x86_64"

    I'd be happy to just use just stereo sound if I could get a similar driver to work. Any soundcard tweaking experts out there?

    As long as sound isn't working there will always be an excuse to run that "other" OS on the NTFS partition ;=)


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    Have you tried the OSS driver?

    Get it from OSS Download Registration

    I've got sound with it, but haven't been able to get any sound devices I plug in working yet (microphones etc)

    While ago since I installed the driver so can't remember the exacttly what I ran to initialise the driver after installing, but I remember it was either (or both) of osstest and ossdetect

    Hope that helps


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