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Thread: Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

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    Default Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

    Just to let everyone know in case they don't keep up with the Factory
    ML, Lilo support is being dropped out of Yast in openSUSE 11.1. This is
    _only_ for the i386 and x86_64 architecture's as I can tell.

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    Default Re: Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

    I realize that I'm very late in replying here, but this
    is terrible. lilo is very easy to automate, while grub
    is a pain, if possible at all.

    And lilo used to be supported, so dropping it is a
    regression. Really bad news.


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    Default Re: Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

    Well LILO only works on i386 and x86_64 architectures anyway. PPC and other archs have their own bootloader.

    I haven't missed LILO since going over to GRUB many years ago although I suppose there may be the odd old hardware out there that doesn't like GRUB. I don't miss having to rerun LILO after every edit to the config file.

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    Default Re: Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

    I am cool with both Lilo and Grub. However, if there is a choice, I would use Lilo, since I used Lilo since Suse 6.4 .

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    Talking Re: Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

    I assume the packages aren't going away, just the maintenance tool for YaST. This could be a great opportunity for someone to move that config tool to the Contrib repo...

    Although I don't have any stats to back it up, I would assume that most users go with their distro's recommended bootloader config, and don't muck with it. Since GRUB's been the default since... what 9.something?... I can see that the effort spent supporting Lilo could be better spent elsewhere.

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    Exclamation Re: Lilo Support Dropped from Yast

    for some strange reason, grub never worked in my system/hdd. since 2006 i've been using LILO as my boot manager dual-booting SLED10 & XP.

    I'm concerned to read that this tool is being dropped.
    how am i going to install SLED11 if LILO is not present and grub is not an option for me?

    thanks for your replies.
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