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Thread: NFS Server HOWTO?

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    I went through yast to set up a NFS share on my desktop running openSuSE 11 that I used as a file server with roughly a terrabyte in RAID5. I've formatted the raidset and I'd like to set up that as a fileshare. For linux I see the NFS server and appears to have decent security. How do I easily set up a folder to be shared over the lan from my laptop? I tried the obvious of right-click in dolphin and use the share options and it just has an error that I can't read all of. I then went to yast and tried to set up the NFS server but the error I get says to make sure the perl script *fileshare* set root to uid or uuid, something to that effect and I don't quite understand all the permissions in linux much less SuSE 11. I hope I described my issue well enough. I'm off to bed. Thanks in advance.

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    NFS - openSUSE

    At the bottom there's "NFS HOWTO" that's pretty generic for all Linux distributions.

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    Its pretty simple. All you need to edit your /etc/export and add the lines and bounce nfs
    here is a sample one
    meaning all systems in the 10.30.50 network can access this share.
    now details of other options

    RW Attribute
    Mount the file system with Read/Write ( rw) access.

    No Root Squash
    Disable root squashing for the superuser with the No Root Squash ( no_root_squash) option. This allows root users on client computers to have root access on the server. With the No Root Squash option, mount requests for root are not mounted to the anonymous user ( nobody).

    Specify the Sync ( sync) option, which requires all file system writes to be committed to disk before the request can be completed.

    Read this Cool Solutions: How to Setup an NFS Export on your Linux Desktop



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    I've followed this guide on how to set up an NFS server (openSUSE11), and when I try to connect to it from another openSUSE 11 machine with the mount command, I get

    RPCBind failed, with an internal error.

    Any ideas?


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    Question Re: NFS Server HOWTO?

    same thing happening here, some RPC bind problem in client..

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