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  1. severe truncation
  2. Why is there no mention of why the forums keep going down?
  3. since Novell login again, click, wait, stop, reload, maybe i'll get there....
  4. please add tapatalk forum app support.
  5. Slow connectivity CZ/Prague
  6. Love Novell, but HATE that we went back to Novell login - Times out Logs me out
  7. BrowserID Log-in planned?
  8. Can't change email and password - email account gone
  9. Moderator Probably Should Moderate More?
  10. Some doubt about "kind of" bugs in the forum-software.
  11. Access error
  12. Suggestion: Code tags for the quick reply box
  13. Forum in Spanish in de site
  14. Firefox specific hangs when accessing the forum.
  15. how we can talk to developers?
  16. I would like to know where and how to warn others of really bad update
  17. https broken on forum login page.
  18. Update on the forums
  19. Invalid incoding in e-mail notificatios
  20. Page not found
  21. Access error: NNTP
  22. Opensuse Forums Dead Slow
  23. Scheduled maintenance
  24. Not able to log out
  25. Could not login at all
  26. Some progress on the forum issues
  27. Welcome superegg
  28. New Posts link says there are no new posts
  29. Next page results button moved (Opera bug ?)
  30. forum + NNTP on alpine
  31. "Bad gateway" message
  32. gateway bug?
  33. reCAPTCHA[tm] not visible in Chrome
  34. Servers down?
  35. can't log out
  36. Possible Browser related issue
  37. Still having issues with forum access.
  38. Tapatalk (or how I can access to this forums in the right way with my android/ios)
  39. New thread was lost in the dark
  40. Forum login is completely broken
  41. I need to know what to do with this post
  42. Can i request a link to a yesterday written post to a today written post
  43. openSUSE forum is very slow and load very slowly.
  44. back again to can not log out of http forum
  45. Wrong Icons for Private Messages in openSUSE Forum, i think
  46. Why can we not stay logged in?
  47. Search results containing foreign languages
  48. trying to submit a new message or reply kills chromium
  49. 404 on login?
  50. page not found (again)
  51. Forum Suggestion: A solved status on threads?
  52. Login working better. But logout now has glitch...
  53. security announcement forums..
  54. Error message via nntp:Too Many Connections [FORUMS-READERS allows 50 per host/0 per feed (0 == noli
  55. forums fixed
  56. When will redirection after re-login dialog finally be fixed?
  57. Gnus v5.13: No access to forums via NNTP since Emacs update
  58. Novell/SUSE Login Outage
  59. Add to this user's reputation
  60. text format problems when posting from Chromium
  61. Many Threads still in "Unreviewed How To and FAQ"
  62. how can my login status be remembered ?
  63. Can we Pack the divs closer?
  64. New Login URL -Attachmate
  65. thank you! - All forums now HTTPS
  66. Warn users about forbidden chars in usernames
  67. Wishing you Peace and Happiness
  68. Can't login bnc since email changed‏
  69. Reporting misuse of paste.opensuse.org
  70. Error when following link from Forums notification email
  71. NNTP posts do not update Activity Stream
  72. Add ability to mark thread "Solved" and a link to "Jump to solution"
  73. Can't update email
  74. I am not getting email on new posts on my subscribed threads
  75. Why no Eulogy thread?
  76. Something is broken about forum logins
  77. time-zone of forum
  78. What happened to my lizards /iguanas/gecko ?
  79. non-existent new messa
  80. "The threads below have not been updated ..."
  81. Foruim login suggestion
  82. forums for specific architectures
  83. Please consider adding choice of version after language choice
  84. What happened to the "new posts" link
  85. Workaround for using forums ==> Use VB4 style
  86. Can't post to the forums with Firefox
  87. Thank you for fixing the forums
  88. Forum logins are broken (again)
  89. nntp<>http inoperative again--apparently
  90. unable to log out from the http forums, again
  91. Who changed the forum rules ?
  92. Unable to change forum login password
  93. Is it possible to integrate search.opensuse.org/forums onto to thetop right of the web forums ?
  94. Forum software not listing nntp posts when i click on " Find latest posts" in my profile page
  95. Can't change password in forum.
  96. Login autofill not working
  97. Multiple login
  98. nntp down
  99. No e-mail notification
  100. forum crash 8/27 experiences
  101. Deleting account on the forums
  102. Leave Page / Stay on Page
  103. using the search function in Chromium appears to be broken
  104. Too many subforums !!
  105. Request for optional removal button on openSUSE Event Adverts.
  106. akregator
  107. Doubt regarding viewing moved threads through nntp interface
  108. What is the point of having voting banner?
  109. Change email in settings
  110. Open suse 13.1 start up documentation chapter 17 is written in a foreign language
  111. Forum Tagging Suggestion
  112. I get the forum web page in Russian, not English.
  113. Forums keep locking up.
  114. Why I am not able to report a bug
  115. forum post timings
  116. Old URLs gone because of SEO vulnerability, why new URLs?
  117. Message about Forums outage: what is the SEO plugin?
  118. The SEO vBulletin Plugin incident and the Forums-One Outsider's Perspective and some suggestions
  119. Copy/paste problems on opensuse forums
  120. time saving posting&replying (p2pchat with a lot of options for advanced form of screen capture....)
  121. Can't login on Firefox! Get error: "The page isn't redirecting properly"
  122. attachmate and opensuse forums not in sync?
  123. Forum's fonts?
  124. Email Validation: Browser loops
  125. Multilingual Problem :)
  126. Older Android not supported by Forums.. and no option to choose
  127. Security forum
  128. Forum stopped working on iPhone
  129. Why the theme change?
  130. Login button location in mobile version
  131. Unable to login to Forum when using Basic Green style.
  132. problem with email notifications
  133. NNTP changes?
  134. Invalid link message on reputation
  135. Minor page rendering / column wrapping problem.
  136. About the forum profile page of people that are no more.
  137. Programming/Scripting HTML subforum not under `Get Technical Help Here'?
  138. Advanced search allows other Language threads - Problematic
  139. Add [Solved] prefix option to thread tools
  140. Recommendation: Standardized posting machine description
  141. Many private questions at forum registration
  142. Some suggestions for improvments..
  143. Web bloat... Forums, Support, Community, Blogs, Wiki, IRC's
  144. Archiving older posts
  145. Requesting a forums app for android
  146. NNTP posts not showing up in activity?
  147. My IP doesn get accepted by forums
  148. nntp gateway refuses connections
  149. Just FYI...
  150. The forum "reset password" function sends password in clear text by e-mail
  151. Old version in the forum..
  152. Please reconsider the naming of the "factory" forum.
  153. openSUSE Wiki Problem - Unable to POST from edit form