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  21. Upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 caused a strange issue.
  22. PEAP + GTC Authentication
  23. Yes another wireless thread.. in my book, this is bizzare and I didn't see others with this prob
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  26. ra3562 - Can not configure
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  28. new to linux os
  29. another newbie trying to to connect t wireless
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  31. Automatically set default gateway when switching to wlan
  32. Broacom 43xx problems once again on 12.1
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  35. Problems installing Linksys USB adapter on openSUSE 11.4
  36. Cannot configure a RALINK 3062 Wireless PCI Card
  37. My Broadcom BCM4311 NEVER WORKED 12.1 not withstanding
  38. Yet another wireless problem
  39. Linksys WUSB54GC not working in OpenSUSE 12.1
  40. Atheros 2413 wireless and the nohwcrypt option...
  41. Opensuse 12.1 won't recognise my Linksys WUSB100v2
  42. Wireless problem in openSUSE_12.1 (32bit) with authentication
  43. Wireless - Not working
  44. [Map wirlessn G USB Network Hercules]: not recognized by OpenSuse 10.3
  45. Wireless Success TP-Link TL-WN851ND
  46. Share internet over wireless
  47. No network interfaces message, but wireless is working!
  48. Wireless Problems after upgrade to 12.1
  49. Intel 5100 Wireless stayed connection but couldn't access internet
  50. Incorrect driver for Broadcom 4313 when installing OpenSUSE 12.1 DVD, but correct with KDE LiveCD
  51. Bug in NetworkManager-0.8-8.13.1.i586.rpm on 11.3
  52. knetwork manager not found, openSUSE 12.1 kde live
  53. OpenSuse 12.1.: RaLink RT2561/RT61 not working properly
  54. Broadcom-wl and bluetooth
  55. Huawei Mobile Connect Express
  56. Cannot use bluetooth (Intel 6230/openSUSE 12.1)
  57. HP 4520s and Broadcom 4313
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  64. ndiswrapper module auto not working, requires manual click.
  65. Need a good internet traffic/usage tool for mobile wireless dongle (HUAWEI E1762)
  66. 64bit openSUSE-12.1 KDE unable to connect wireless to different router
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  68. Why does wireless need a wired connection to start it off?
  69. RT2860 Wireless Issue OS 11.4
  70. belkin F5D7050ak creating connectivity problem in suse
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  73. Re: [wlan] deauthenticating from MAC-AD by local choice (reason=3)
  74. Flaky wireless Power Management?
  75. Problems connecting to corporate wireless
  76. Broadcom wireless work only on time to time under openSUSE 12.1
  77. WUSB54GC v3 not loading kernel module in 12.1
  78. marvell 88w8335
  79. issues with wireless after install
  80. Need help with b43 drivers installation on 12.1
  81. broadcom-wl [4312] - have to run install_bcm43xx_firmware everytime
  82. Can't Get Wireless Working
  83. Wifi connection problems...
  84. Wifi won't be enabled on Dell mini 1018 (RTL8188CE)
  85. no wireless hotspot after update from gnome 3 to gnome 2 in opensuse 12.1
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  87. ethernet and wireless connections connected
  88. wireless network card can not be configured wright
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  92. Menu error in NetworkManager
  93. Wireless Power Management?
  94. Wireless connection causes Kernal Panic when Power Adpater is disconnected
  95. Issues with wireless after install
  96. Need help to get usb linksys WUSB600N to work (or advice what pci-express to buy that will work)
  97. proxy problem
  98. Wifi worked great: now, I'm connected but no data
  99. Help cant connect to Wireless (pictures)
  100. wireless printer and firewall
  101. Dell D610 wireless - need some help
  102. Fix wireless connection
  103. Wireless Connection Issue, dhclient missing
  104. KNetwork manager does not set resolv.conf
  105. linksys WSusb600N fails to load at boot, until usb cable plugged out and in again
  106. Failed to detect Wifi driver
  107. I have to reboot in order to connect (!)
  108. just installed wireless pci nic
  109. Wireless connection dropouts
  110. Network Manager doesn't connect and kde daemon repeatedly asks for password
  111. low bit rate connection in 11.3, normal in WinXP
  112. Moved up to 12.1 and wifi now fails to auto connect.
  113. Problem with wireless connection after updating from 11.1 to 12.1
  114. NetworkManager.state - remove and restart
  115. Wireless Range Expander
  116. UK usb modem.
  117. Questions About Intel Wireless 4965
  118. Re: Fritz USB Stick - Suse 12.1 - mit carl9170-1 - läuft nicht
  119. New Toshiba Satellite
  120. Please help Alfa networks usb AWUSO36NHR wifi adapter opensuse 11.4
  121. Encore ENUWI-NX2 / RTL8192 Firmware Failure
  122. Wireless disconnecting randomly on 12.1
  123. Wireless connection speed 802.11N
  124. No wlan0 interface available on openSUSE 12.1
  125. Moving from Network Manager to wpa_supplicant
  126. Network issues on 12.1
  127. Disabling onboard wireless
  128. Wireless does not connect on Laptop without Mains adaptor connected
  129. how to turn-on the wireless switch
  130. IS NetworkManger used by default in 12.1?
  131. help impossible to connect me with broadcom 4312
  132. Updates, fine, but this (opensuse.org) is the ONLY website I can access on THIS network. (b43legacy)
  133. Wireless connection was working on 11.4 but not 12.1
  134. Wireless Working for just few seconds
  135. WiFi symbol / icon at the top not displayed in 12.1 GNOME. Is this normal?
  136. Network Manager seems to connect to WLAN on HP Elitebook 2740p, but unable to use
  137. Help with RT5390 in OpenSuse 12.1
  138. wpa_supplicant and Unsupported driver 'iwlagn'
  139. Wireless works but then doesn't without losing connection to AP
  140. Cannot turn on wireless
  141. Unable to get wireless Broadcom BCM4313 up and running
  142. Wireless printer keeps changing its IP
  143. Broadcom BCM4313 wireless problems in OpenSuse 12.1
  144. [PING] lwfinger - BCM43224 driver with 3.0.x kernel
  145. Cannot connect to wifi network
  146. Atheros ath9k driver: wireless won't connect, says WLAN unavailable
  147. Wireless up but no Internet
  148. Disabling wireless signals in atheros cards
  149. Acer Aspire One 522 Wi-Fi Causes Crash.
  150. Wireless card EH102 setup
  151. troubleshooting wireless configuration problems (association / authentication part), OpenSUSE 12.1
  152. Experimenting with corporate wireless.
  153. Wifi network card doesn't work on 12.1
  154. Intermittent wireless connectivity
  155. Inetl Centrino Advanced-N + WiMax 6250 on HP DM4 will not authenticate
  156. My laptop says I need firmware for wireless
  157. Can't connect with WPA when using KnetworkManager Cloned MAC address feature
  158. Kwallet stops Wireless
  159. Ralink RT3572, 13b1:002f, Linksys AE1000 Will Not Connect
  160. Offline iw package
  161. 64bit processor with 64bit openSuse and a 32bit wlan driver -- can it work?
  162. Enable Wireless Option has disappeared
  163. Router reboots after connection
  164. HP dv6000 and Broadcom BCM4311 Network manager wireless disappears
  165. Wireless speed unstable in Linux - Windows fine
  166. networkmanager disable wireless
  167. Best USB wireless N adapter?
  168. need a little help getting my linksys wusb100 working under 12.1 with LXDE
  169. wifi connect freezes
  170. Broadcom 4312 - unable to connect
  171. Little green men? Martian source warning......... 11.1 evergreen
  172. can not get wireless working after upgrading to 11.4
  173. Unable to install MSI Ms-3871 WLAN wireless driver in openSuse 12.1
  174. No wireless card found - SUSE 11.4 on Fujitsu Siemens AMILO La1703
  175. Almost got wireless working, but not quite
  176. WUSB v2 RT3070 not working
  177. I have a Dell 1525 lapton, a 1395 wireless card, Suse 12.1 and no wireless
  178. which driver for Centrino N-1000 Wireless chip?
  179. Can't connect a HP wireless printer
  180. OpenSUSE 11 - SUSEStudio - Destination host unreachable
  181. How to connect to wireless using Fluxbox ?
  182. Realtek Wireless RTL8187B is unavailable after suspending, must reboot. 11.4
  183. NetworkManager Connected but no internet connection etc
  184. Some-what newbie question - 2 wifi adapters, can't stop one...
  185. Help! I want to create a SoftAP w/ Internet Connection.
  186. Wireless connection lost when laptop lid is closed
  187. Connecting to public wireless, but no internet (please don't dismiss as a simpleton posting!)
  188. Can't connect to home network
  189. Wireless enables then quickly disables.
  190. huawei EC122 USB 3G modem cannot detected
  191. Realtek Wireless RTL8187B is unavailable after suspending, must reboot. 12.1
  192. 12.1 ralink rt3090 can't activate device
  193. Can't activate wireless Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000
  194. After driver change BCM4312 still doesn\t work
  195. linux kernel 3.3.2 and intel n 6200 wireless deriver
  196. acx100 wireless card in opensuse 12.1 issues (DWL-520+)
  197. Linksys WRT54G
  198. Broadcom BCM43224 802.11 not working at all in 12.1
  199. Dell E-1505 And OpenSuse 12.1
  200. Replacing a Broadcomm BCM94313?
  201. Logout disconnects wireless
  202. Wireless problem "Network is unreachable"
  203. openSUSE 12.1KDE: No wireless with Broadcom wl for Linksys WPC300N V1
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  206. Poor Signal Strength on Broadcom BCM94313....?
  207. RaLink RT2500 PCI card | Network Configuration Message:"Wireless disconnected"
  208. Problem solved: Broadcom Wireless Card worked on 12.1
  209. Error 1802
  210. openSUSE 12.2 KDE i686: b43 installed but KDE Wallet keeps asking for passwords:
  211. WPA2 -EAP TTLS
  212. WICD Doesn't work in 12.1
  213. netgear WPN111+11.3 assistance please!
  214. WIreless EUB-9703 randomly disconnects
  215. SoftAP, which USB card, driver
  216. Dell Wireless 5630 (EVDO-HSPA) Mobile Broadband Mini-Card
  217. Wlan not working on a Toshiba Z830Z
  218. Creating access point problem
  219. Vostro 1520 Wireless
  220. Why is Knetwork Manager not found in OSS 12.1 KDE?
  221. Centrino N-1000 Wireless chip not connecting with encryption
  222. Problem with TPLlink-WN781ND wireless card
  223. Lost Wireless connection, can't use network manager
  224. Problems with wireless on laptops
  225. WLAN/PCI card not found in Opensuse 11.4
  226. Wireless card low transmission power?
  227. Can't connect with Dell (broadcom) 1520 wireless adapter
  228. Wireless signal strengths higher in Windows
  229. Wireless Grinds to a Halt on Battery Power
  230. Wireless PCI/USB issue in Toshiba Satellite C665 P5012
  231. wireless not working with rt2870
  232. linksys wireless adapter not configured
  233. B43 WLAN device does not stay installed. Disappears with each reboot. KDE 12.1
  234. Setting up Prolink PHS300 3G modem
  235. wireless only works for first session
  236. GUI to see how many wifis near me?
  237. Need Help w/Linksys AE2500 USB Adapter
  238. Fix for all Broadcom BCM Series Wireless cards on SLED and OpenSuSE
  239. My computer doesn't configure any wireless network....
  240. Asus USB N-13 wireless adapter firmware install on 11.4?
  241. Confused about wi-fi settings
  242. Wireless not working despite connecting to router
  243. Bluetooth works only when I am connected to internet by cable (RJ45) or by WiFi.
  244. Can get interface to come up but not routing
  245. Help with raLink and/or Zydas
  246. Help with configuring Netgear N150 USB adapter
  247. http://www.opensuse-guide.org/wlan.php
  248. Wlan (WiFi) access available in McDonalds-Restaurant - doalbe - only with bluetooth ?
  249. How do I install YAST2 packages in /usr/local?
  250. how to activate the k-networkmanager!?